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/ Jun 17, 2011


"Synthesis" is conceptual artist Kohei Nawa's first large-scale solo exhibition. Recently, Nawa's work has been gaining attention both in Japan and overseas. His Sandwich studio in Kyoto, an old sandwich factory that has been renovated into an art studio, has also become well-known for ...


/ Jun 10, 2011


A group exhibition by Natsuyuki Nakanishi, Kohei Nawa, Jeppen Hein, Kounosuke Kawakami, Brian Alfred and Atsushi Saga, this show has brought together an eclectic group of artists with a diverse range of styles. Though the venue of the exhibition is limited in space, "Beyond" manages ...

Portrait of an artist or photographer?

Jun 9, 2011

Portrait of an artist or photographer?

For Takashi Homma, being a contemporary photographer is very different from being a photographer. "Most Japanese people don't understand what contemporary photography is," he says, explaining how he thinks photography comes with preconceptions that have kept it rigid as a medium. His first solo exhibition, ...

'The Face Is The Universe'

/ May 27, 2011

"The Face Is The Universe"

Taro Okamoto's avant-garde works have recently received a lot of attention. There have been a number of exhibitions celebrating the centenary of the artist's birth, and just after the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake, his famous mural "Myth of Tomorrow," displayed at Shibuya Station, received ...

Nobuyoshi Araki moves on to the past

May 26, 2011

Nobuyoshi Araki moves on to the past

Since Nobuyoshi Araki lost his beloved cat Chiro a year ago, he made a point of taking photographs on a daily basis. He took shots of naked women in kimono, of the sky, of Tokyo on the day of the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake ...

A tale of two cities: Art Fair Kyoto challenges Tokyo

May 12, 2011

A tale of two cities: Art Fair Kyoto challenges Tokyo

After the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake and tsunami, the art scene in Tokyo was struck by cancellations, postponements and confusion as it attempted to make sense of the disaster and worked on ways to contribute to the reconstruction of the Tohoku region of Japan. Japan's ...

Explore Seoul's hidden heart

May 1, 2011

Explore Seoul's hidden heart

Just two weeks after the March 11 triple-catastrophe in Tohoku, and a mere 90 minutes after leaving Haneda Airport in Tokyo, it was almost unreal to be standing in Kimpo International Airport just outside Seoul and listening to excited Japanese tourists chatting about what ...

/ Apr 15, 2011

Silent bids for Tohoku

The Kiyosumi art gallery complex of prominent commercial galleries, including Taka Ishii Gallery, ShugoArts, Kido Press, Hiromi Yoshii Gallery, Ai Kodawa Gallery, Miyake Fine Art, SPROUT Curation and Tomio Koyama Gallery, is holding a charity silent auction to raise money for the Great Eastern ...

Images from students of resistance

Mar 18, 2011

Images from students of resistance

Prospective students to the photography school Resist need to be searching for a way to find themselves, says its founder, Masayuki Yoshinaga, agreeing with his friend and mentor Daido Moriyama, both established photographers. Founded in 2006, Resist is a product of Yoshinaga's observations when teaching ...

'Le Corbusier'

Feb 25, 2011

'Le Corbusier'

NYK Maritime Museum Closes April 3 "Le Corbusier" is perhaps less about the renowned architect and more about ship building, though there are plenty of photographs, drawings, text, video footage, models and installations to keep those interested in architcture occupied. By focusing on Le Corbusier's pioneering ideas ...