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Hugh Cortazzi was posted to British Commonwealth Air Forces in Japan in 1946, and he joined the British Foreign (later diplomatic) service in 1949. After retiring, he worked in the city of London and was an adviser to a number of Japanese companies. He was chairman of the council of the Japan Society from 1985-1995. Since 1983 he has researched and written a number of books about Japanese culture and history and has edited and compiled a series of books on personalities active in Anglo-Japanese relations.

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/ Mar 30, 2017

Let reason rule the day

Negotiators on both sides of the Brexit table need to exercise restraint and be willing to search for mutually acceptable compromises.

Theresa May got Trumped

/ Feb 1, 2017

Theresa May got Trumped

However distasteful and dangerous Trump's policies may be, Britain has to find a way of getting on with him without too much damage to its interests and values.

Speaking truth to power

/ Jan 11, 2017

Speaking truth to power

The resignation of Sir Ivan Rogers, the British ambassador to the European Union in Brussels, has raised serious issues not only about Britain's strategy for Brexit but also about relations between officials and politicians and their political advisers. Rogers was an experienced negotiator and former ...

Defining national interest

/ Dec 15, 2016

Defining national interest

The election of Donald Trump should be worrying for anyone who advocates cooperation over confrontation and adherence to international law and international agreements.