Hikari Hida

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Reader Mail Jul 17, 2011

Reputation of food producers

Regarding the July 11 article "Fukushima government inspects farm over beef radiation fears": The recent discovery that beef from Fukushima Prefecture has been infected with radioactive cesium well over emergency levels set by the government highlights once again the necessity of a well-managed testing ...

Editorials Mar 17, 2011

Mr. Ishihara's re-election bid

Gov. Shintaro Ishihara of Tokyo announced Friday that he will run for a fourth term in the April gubernatorial election. At one point, it was reported he would not run. Behind his decision was strong encouragement from the Liberal Democratic Party. It appears that ...

Editorials Jan 26, 2011

Mr. Kan sets his agenda

Prime Minister Naoto Kan, in his policy speech before the Diet on Monday, expressed his determination to carry out unified reform of the social security and the tax system, which would include raising the consumption tax, and "opening the nation" in the 21st century ...

Editorials Jan 16, 2011

Reshuffle under opposition pressure

The lineup of Prime Minister Naoto Kan's new Cabinet, which emerged Friday after a minor reshuffle, underscores his hope for a smooth start to the Diet's ordinary session later this month and for progress in bringing about Japan's financial reconstruction and its participation in ...

Editorials Jan 10, 2011

Relief for drug side effects

Even if one uses a medical drug properly, side effects cannot be ruled out. Thirty years have passed since the system to provide relief for sufferers from drug side effects was established in Japan. People should know more about this system and use it ...