Harsh V. Pant

Harsh V Pant teaches in the Defence Studies Department at King’s College London. He is also an Adjunct Fellow with the Wadhwani Chair in US-India Policy Studies at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, Washington, DC. His current research is focused on Asian security issues.

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/ Nov 14, 2010

Obama appears to punch India's buttons

LONDON — Barack Obama's visit to India last week ended on a high note. After downplaying expectations for some months now, the U.S. president made all the right noises in his address to the Indian Parliament. The most significant was his declaration that the United ...

/ Oct 13, 2010

India grappling with the China syndrome

LONDON — A two-week standoff between China and Japan over a boat collision has once again underlined the communist state's penchant for bullying its neighbors, and might have done more harm than good for the emergence of China as the leader in the region ...

/ Sep 27, 2010

Deals with Bangladesh to help India burnish South Asian image

LONDON — India and Bangladesh have reportedly agreed in principle to swap each other's enclaves that are spread along the border areas and re-demarcate 6.1 kilometers of boundary — in effect resolving an issue that has bedeviled Indo-Bangladesh ties since independence. This is an historic ...

/ Sep 7, 2010

Rise of China prods India-South Korea ties

LONDON — Indian Defense Minister A.K. Anthony was visiting South Korea last week at the invitation of his South Korean counterpart to boost defense cooperation between the two states. His visit comes two months after the Indian external affairs minister visited Seoul. After ignoring each ...

/ Aug 17, 2010

U.K.-India relationship in transformation

LONDON — By any measure, British Prime Minister David Cameron's recent visit to India has turned out to be a transformative one. In one stroke, he has redefined the parameters of the Indo-British partnership for the 21st century. The Conservative Party has been clear about ...

/ Aug 3, 2010

Indian influence founders in Afghanistan

LONDON — When Indian External Affairs Minister S.M. Krishna underscored the folly of making a distinction "between good Taliban and bad Taliban" at the Afghanistan Conference in London earlier this year, he was completely out of sync with the larger mood at the conference. ...