Glen S. Fukushima

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The U.S.-China rivalry and Japan

Commentary / World Jan 20, 2019

The U.S.-China rivalry and Japan

The uncertainty created by the Trump administration is encouraging many nations around to world to seek new friends and to hedge their bets, and Japan and China are no exceptions.

Seven questions about Ghosn and Nissan

Commentary / Japan Dec 20, 2018

Seven questions about Ghosn and Nissan

The arrest of Carlos Ghosn last month evinces layers of complexities and raises numerous questions and issues about corporate Japan in the global context that will surely be debated for years to come.

Commentary / World Dec 25, 2012

Japan's role in U.S.' Asia pivot

Proponents of the Obama administration's "pivot," or rebalance of attention and resources, toward Asia should be heartened by the results of Japan's parliamentary election. The Liberal Democratic Party's (LDP) landslide victory in the Lower House on Dec. 16 augurs well for a reinvigorated relationship ...

Commentary Apr 8, 2010

Reverse Japan's insularity

Nine of the top 10 countries sending students to study at Harvard University, where I attended graduate school, have more students studying at the university now than 10 years ago. The only exception is Japan, where the number of students has declined. A decline ...

Commentary / World Sep 9, 2004

Why Japan prefers Bush

With the U.S. presidential election less than two months away, interest is building globally in the likely outcome and its impact on America's role in the world. The common wisdom is that most foreign governments are hoping President George W. Bush will lose in his ...

Music Aug 21, 2002

Spirited Asian Youth Orchestra does it again

The Asian Youth Orchestra's performance at the Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall on Aug. 8 was lively and spirited but not quite up to the standards of the seven previous performances I've seen. As in the past, the AYO -- which this year is made ...

National / Media May 19, 2002

'Sakura' -- or 'E.T. Comes to Japan'

One of the staples of Japanese daytime television for more than four decades has been the NHK Renzoku Terebii Shosetsu (serialized television novel), broadcast six days per week, Monday through Saturday, from 8:15 to 8:30 a.m. Begun in 1961, each "novel" runs for 26 ...

Commentary Apr 8, 2002

The 'corporate governance' debate

Over the past decade, "corporate governance" has come to replace "industrial policy" and "Japanese-style management" as the key factor to explain Japanese business performance. From the 1960s through the early 1990s, many observers focused on the close and cooperative relationship between Japan's economic ministries -- ...