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Commentary / World Mar 2, 2002

Bush puts U.S.-China ties back on track

U.S. President George W. Bush's visit to Beijing on Feb. 21-22 signals clearly that Sino-U.S. relations are back on track toward a constructive, cooperative relationship. Bush met Chinese President Jiang Zemin and his successor, Vice President Hu Jintao. Bush re-assured China on the Taiwan ...

Commentary / World Jun 7, 2001

Why NMD is good for Asia

CANBERRA -- There have been many objections to America's plan for a national missile defense system. There are, however, several reasons why Australia might consider supporting the concept of NMD and why it might prove to be a good thing for stability in the Asia-Pacific ...

Commentary / World Dec 20, 1999

European rule comes to an end in Asia

CANBERRA -- Macau presents the last outpost of European colonial empire remaining anywhere in the Asia-Pacific region. Apart from Hawaii, now a state of the United States, and leaving aside Australia and New Zealand, no other territory in the Asia-Pacific region will be held ...

Commentary / World Mar 10, 1999

Taiwan's strategic options

Following the return of Hong Kong in July 1997 and the return of Macau in December 1999, Beijing's attention will logically turn to Taiwan. The island's survival depends on preserving its technically advanced air force and enlisting the help of the United States. China is ...