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Taking a train to the snows

Feb 20, 2011

Taking a train to the snows

Tumbling down head over heels near the summit of a 2,000-meter mountain is the most fun I've had in ages. On a Monday, the sparsely peopled ski runs at Mitsumata resort in Niigata Prefecture were knee-deep in feather-soft powder snow: perfect conditions for cushioning ...

Feb 18, 2011

EeL pumps out electric pop for common people

The title track from EeL's new album "For Common People" is likely to make you feel like you've just overdosed on candy. From the seizure-inducing breakcore beats to the sugary-sweet reggae flourishes, all the elements are set to overload. The music video for the track ...

Asia's top sommelier sees glass half full

| Feb 11, 2011

Asia's top sommelier sees glass half full

Satoru Mori is a sommelier with almost unlimited reserves of drive and passion. At the age of 33, he is not only the winner of 2009's Best Sommelier of Asia-Oceania Competition, but also more recently a semifinalist in the Best Sommelier of the World ...

Quality is key at Chilean organic winery

| Jan 14, 2011

Quality is key at Chilean organic winery

When two representatives from Chilean winery Emiliana came to town in October, it coincided with fantastic news. Images of the rescue of the last miner who'd been trapped underground since the Aug. 5 Copiapo mining accident were played out over the giant screens in ...

Crystal Castles

/ Jan 7, 2011

Crystal Castles

Experimental electro was never a genre that was intended to go mainstream, so it's no surprise that Crystal Castles are not the most media- friendly band. That hasn't stopped Ethan Kath and Alice Glass from drawing an huge fan base; when they visited Japan ...

Dec 3, 2010

LAZYgunsBRISKY get rough on 'Childhood'

"The worst thing about our band is that if one of us says something another one doesn't agree with, she'll come right out with it, straight to the other's face. We get into fights quickly," says bass player Azu. Drummer Moe chimes in: "Yeah, ...

/ Nov 19, 2010


Proving they're far from burned out, indie rockers Ash return to Japan next week to promote the release of "A-Z Vol. 2," the culmination of an ambitious project that saw the band releasing a single every fortnight via digital download. Not being bound to an ...

| Nov 12, 2010

Australia bottles a touch of class

A few weeks ago a decadent dinner held at the American Club in Tokyo showcased some top-notch wines from two Australian family-owned wineries. Though the tablecloths were stiff and well starched, the staff — who served up some cracking fusion cuisine that brought out ...

Affordable wines for all occasions

| Oct 8, 2010

Affordable wines for all occasions

'Abstinence is bad for you," trumpeted the press in August, while reporting on a new study published in the journal "Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research." The findings showed that during the 20-year study of a group of 1,824 participants between the ages 55 and ...

Time apart on Kozushima

Sep 19, 2010

Time apart on Kozushima

Floating on my back in the azure blue of Sawajiri Bay, I found myself falling under the spell of this tiny volcanic island — a little piece of paradise that bubbled up from the depths of the Pacific Ocean many millennia ago. Swirls of dark ...