F. Stephen Larrabee

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Commentary / World Sep 8, 2008

The next crisis could take place in Ukraine

PRAGUE — The Russian invasion of Georgia has sent shock waves throughout the West and the former Soviet space — especially Ukraine. Indeed, Ukraine could be the next potential crisis. Georgia's increasingly pro-Western course, including growing ties to NATO, has been a thorn in Moscow's ...

Commentary / World May 12, 2007

A war of nerves in Turkey

SANTA MONICA, Calif. — With the political standoff surrounding the selection of a new president intensifying, Turkey is entering a critical period that could have a profound effect on both the country's internal evolution as a secular democracy and its relations with the West. ...

Commentary / World Apr 30, 2007

America mismanaging missile defense

PRAGUE -- Missile defense has suddenly emerged as a divisive issue in Europe. Rather than enhancing European security, the Bush administration's plan to deploy elements of a missile defense system in Poland and the Czech Republic threatens to increase strains with Russia and deepen ...

Commentary / World Jan 15, 2007

Central Asia's other 'Turkmenbashis'

SANTA MONICA, California -- A dictator's sudden death almost always triggers political instability. But it is doubly dangerous when it poses a risk of regionwide destabilization and a scramble for influence among the world's greatest military powers -- the United States, Russia and China. The ...