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Sep 21, 2007

U.S. activist pushes rejection of nukes

that nuclear weapons are extremely dangerous and should never be used," said Leeper, a 59-year-old Illinois native, at the Japan National Press Club in Tokyo. "We want them to make sure that they communicate that to their leaders." Leeper is particularly alarmed by the ...

All cost bets off if Big One hits nuke plant

| Sep 5, 2007

All cost bets off if Big One hits nuke plant

Last of three parts Part I: Nuclear doubts spread in wake of Niigata Part II: Nuclear plants rural Japan's economic fix The government presents nuclear power as "a clean, dependable source of electrical power that emits no carbon dioxide during operation" — energy that renewable sources simply ...

Japan's Shinto-Buddhist religious medley

| Sep 4, 2007

Japan's Shinto-Buddhist religious medley

Most in Japan may know Buddhism has something to do with controlling lust and anger, and is associated with funerals and graves, while Shinto involves venerating nature, and weddings. But many people have trouble making theological distinctions between the two or even telling a ...

Antiwar activist Steven L. Leeper

| Aug 5, 2007

Antiwar activist Steven L. Leeper

In a sense, it is the ultimate irony: The man appointed to oversee the memorial to victims of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima on Aug. 6, 1945 by an American B-29 aircraft is . . . an American. But antiwar activist Steven L. Leeper ...

Jul 26, 2007

Do faults run deeper than Tepco safety vows?

technical matters as well as the aspect of management." Right after the temblor hit, water started leaking from the spent fuel pool at the No. 6 reactor and a transformer fire started at the No. 3 reactor that burned for about two hours. Tepco eventually ...

| Jun 12, 2007

Japan's green strides belie spotty record

Last month, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe sought a leading role in the fight against climate change when he proposed a global initiative to halve greenhouse gas emis sions by 2050. But for all its dramatic appeal — made in the leadup to last week's Group ...

Thinking beyond the brain

| Jun 3, 2007

Thinking beyond the brain

Kenichiro Mogi would be the ideal person to find sitting next to you at a dinner party, or one bleary post-sake morning over breakfast in a Japanese mountain inn. As a celebrity neuroscientist with a doctorate in physics from the University of Tokyo, and with ...

May 18, 2007

Trail to Obara said overlooked in '92 death

Second of two parts Part I: Poor police work in '92 death let Obara off hook, victim's family claims The Australian family had just endured a nightmare: the premature death in 1992 of a loved one, Ginza hostess Carita Ridgway — one of the many victims ...