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Shinwa Contemporary Art Auction

Apr 19, 2007

Shinwa Contemporary Art Auction

Shinwa Art Museum, Ginza Last Saturday Though Takashi Murakami and Yoshitomo Nara may have established themselves as Japan's modern-day Warhol and Lichtenstein, the big winners at Shinwa Art Museum's Contemporary Art Auction this past weekend were painters Takanobu Kobayashi and Hishashi Tenmyouya. Toward the end ...

/ Apr 6, 2007

747s "Zampano"

The debut album by the U.K.'s 747s is a grower, not a shower. Although it starts brightly with "Night & Day" -- strangely reminiscent of early 1990s Paul Westerberg -- the excellently produced "Zampano" doesn't really scream for attention immediately. Instead it sets off ...

'Obey Giant Versus WK Interact'

Apr 5, 2007

"Obey Giant Versus WK Interact"

Tokyo Wonder Site, Shibuya Closes in 18 days When the mysterious U.K. street artist Banksy instigated a series of pranks last year that lead to a slew of articles and an exhibition in Los Angeles, street culture once again gained art world cred. Even ...

An art market in the making

Apr 5, 2007

An art market in the making

When Fukusaburo Maeda and his wife Sohaku Yamashita founded the Nihon International Contemporary Art Festival (NICAF) in 1992, they were hoping to invigorate Japan's contemporary art scene. Perhaps they were ahead of their times, though, because while people were ready to come look at ...

Third point of Roppongi

Mar 29, 2007

Third point of Roppongi

With the opening of Tokyo Midtown on Friday, the Art Triangle Roppongi concept is now complete. Comprised of the Mori Art Museum, the new National Art Center (NAC) and the elegant new Suntory Museum of Art -- part of the Midtown project -- the ...

'16 Hour Museum'

Mar 15, 2007

"16 Hour Museum"

March 17, noon-8 p.m. in Daikanyama March 25, 1 a.m.-9 p.m. at Super Deluxe, Nishi Azabu Can you get your head around art about curating art? Since 2002, Arts Initiative Tokyo has held "hour museums" in nontraditional art spaces that address issues of museums ...

'Record No.6'

Feb 15, 2007

"Record No.6"

Nadiff Closes in 17 days The photographer Nobuyoshi Araki is both so prolific and so ubiquitous that he has in a sense become Tokyo, especially for many Westerners. Whether you are enthralled, amused or disgusted by his photos, his vision of the city appears ...

New show offers breakthrough installation

Dec 21, 2006

New show offers breakthrough installation

About a month ago at Tokyo's Shugoarts, photographer Yasumasa Morimura gave a performance in which he coopted the speech author Yukio Mishima gave from the balcony of the Self-Defense Force headquarters in Tokyo in 1970 before committing ritual seppuku inside the building. In his ...

'Hiroshi Sugimoto: Art Capturing'

Dec 7, 2006

"Hiroshi Sugimoto: Art Capturing"

Gallery KoyanagiCloses in 51 days "Look at what I'm thinking," are the last words of the poem Jonathan Safran Foer wrote to accompany Hiroshi Sugimoto's photographs in the book "Joe." They could just as easily be a concise description of the artist's approach toward his ...