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Tokyo gallery walkabout

Sep 27, 2007

Tokyo gallery walkabout

Tokyo's galleries have woken from their summer slumbers — or, more likely, beach naps — with a vengeance. The current wave of openings started out in the east, at the complex of galleries in Kiyosumi, with shows that are set to close this Saturday ...

'Makiko Kudo'

Sep 6, 2007

"Makiko Kudo"

Tomio Koyama Gallery Closes in 17 days Twenty years from now, when we can look back on the trend toward the immature in Japanese art, we'll finally be able to shake out the worthy from the wearying. Ten or 20 canvases will stand the ...

Immersed in playful worlds

Aug 30, 2007

Immersed in playful worlds

Tokyo Opera City Gallery has one of the best art spaces in the city, and a program that ranks it with The Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo near Kiyosumi in eastern Tokyo and the Mori Art Museum in Roppongi. At TOCG in Shinjuku, curators are ...

'Takafumi Tsuchiya Exhibition'

Aug 16, 2007

"Takafumi Tsuchiya Exhibition"

Wada Fine Arts Closes in 9 days If when you blink you enter a world between sleeping and waking, what would you find there if you added up all your blinks? Takafumi Tsuchiya's exhibition at Wada Fine Arts ( wants to answer that question. Inspired ...

Demented in NY

Jul 26, 2007

Demented in NY

It's almost counterintuitive — in the midst of the glorious chaos that is China as it modernizes itself, Chinese painters are technically spotless. In their hands, paint has been tamed, a tool with which they slickly create canvases with flawless surfaces that almost hide ...

'Yoshihiro Suda'

Jul 5, 2007

"Yoshihiro Suda"

Gallery Koyanagi Closes in 24 days If artists are the new fingers, then Yoshihiro Suda is pointing in the corner. While some use video to create awareness about the fallout of colonialism and others put the mundane in a gallery to bring new attention ...

Subtlety and humor in American art

Jun 7, 2007

Subtlety and humor in American art

It's strange to go to China — in the midst of a contemporary-art boom, or bubble as could be feared — and encounter a stunning exhibition of American art. But that's what Shanghai's Museum of Contemporary Art is currently offering visitors. With "Art in ...

Products from other dimensions

May 24, 2007

Products from other dimensions

At the Sanja Matsuri festival last weekend in Asakusa, the residents of that old Tokyo town were re-enacting community-building rituals that they have enjoyed since the Edo Period (1603-1867). Meanwhile, across town in Nakaochiai, two artists who met in San Francisco, Crust and Dirt, ...

May 24, 2007

Defining the nation

When Chikamatsu Yanagi and his collaborators were writing "Ehon Taikoki" in 1799, Japan was arguably enjoying the height of Edo Period culture (1603-1867). In retrospect it was a transitional time — perhaps the last moments of peace before the pressures of the outside world ...

/ Apr 20, 2007

Dinosaur Jr "Beyond"

With a band as consistent as Dinosaur Jr, you would hope that their first release in 10 years, "Beyond," would sound pretty much like the band always has. And it does, with the same grinding, whiny guitars, the insistent wall of sound and the ...