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The pandemic public-debt dilemma

Commentary / World Dec 9, 2020

The pandemic public-debt dilemma

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. Failing bold action, developing countries could be on track to lose years or even decades of progress in the post-pandemic world.

Commentary / World Feb 4, 2014

South Korea's Japanese mirror

Japan and South Korea have similar social and economic problems. The difference is that South Korea may still have time to ameliorate some trends and avoid a quagmire of permanent low growth and long-term decline.

Commentary / World Jun 18, 2007

World Bank's ongoing corruption battle

PRAGUE — The recent turbulence surrounding the resignation of Paul Wolfowitz from the presidency of the World Bank has underscored the need to push ahead with the bank's good governance and anticorruption agenda. This is necessary not only for the sake of the bank ...