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/ Oct 23, 2000

Hawks fly home up 2-0

So much for the home-dome advantage. The Fukuoka Daiei Hawks rode a six-run fifth inning and solid relief pitching Sunday night to rally past the Yomiuri Giants 8-3 and take a 2-0 lead in the 2000 Japan Series before 43,850 at the Tokyo Dome. With Games ...

| Oct 12, 2000

Bunny thrives in Predators' den

Yujiro Nakajimaya, captain of the Kokudo Bunnies and a member of Japan's national team, is not your average Japanese professional hockey player. In four teenage years spent at Notre Dame College, a high school in Wilcox, Saskatchewan, the Hokkaido native gained more than just ...

/ Oct 9, 2000

Penguins find form, rally past Predators

OMIYA, Saitama Pref. -- Maybe it was the jet lag. Maybe it was the adjustment to new head coach Ivan Hlinka's system. Whatever the reason, it took the Pittsburgh Penguins a game and two-thirds to break out of their Japan doldrums and rally for ...

Oct 6, 2000

Penguins, Predators ready to drop puck

The National Hockey League makes its third regular-season appearance in Japan this weekend as the Pittsburgh Penguins and Nashville Predators square off for a two-game series Saturday and Sunday at the new Saitama Super Arena in Omiya. Scott Walker, here with Predators, made some history ...

Sep 13, 2000

Eyes of Japan on pair of Kojis

Outside of the marathon, Japan's best hope for a track and field medal is hammer thrower Koji Murofushi. Another Koji -- Ito -- may not have a chance at a medal, but he could make some history in the 100 meters. At 187 cm and ...

| Aug 31, 2000

Kudos to the Kinki kids

Since Hideo Nomo's spectacular rookie season in 1995, a number of Japanese pitchers have proven capable of competing at the major league level. Lately, it's the lesser lights from the Land of the Rising Sun who have been shining bright. In 2000, big names Nomo ...

/ Jul 23, 2000

Petagine propels CL stars past PL

Before the All-Star Series opener, Pacific League manager Sadaharu Oh gave his team a pep talk. It didn't work. After being swept in last year's three-game midsummer classic, the Pacific League All-Stars fell again to their Central League rivals, 5-4 Saturday night at the Tokyo Dome. For ...

| Jul 13, 2000

S. Africa done in by shady vote for 2006

South Africa has been shunned again. Three years ago, freed from the shackles of apartheid, the nation made a bid to host the 2004 Olympics. Athens (which has since proven ill-equipped for the task) wound up the winner and Africa remains the only continent never ...

| Jun 29, 2000

Redemption just a haircut away

We've seen how popular shaved heads have become in sports. Whether for fashion or function, Michael Jordan, Andre Agassi and Brazilian soccer stars are among countless male athletes noted for taking it all off. But getting sheared as an act of contrition? That could only ...