National Jun 16, 2011

Shinkansen quake survivability key selling point

Japan may have found a silver lining in the March earthquake, seeking to sell bullet trains abroad, as the high-speed train system proved resilient against the powerful 9.0-magnitude temblor of March 11. Shinkansen have long been synonymous with safety. But experts and government officials say ...

National Feb 9, 2011

Danish climate envoy backs post-Kyoto accord

A senior Danish negotiator on climate change has urged relevant governments to deliver on their pledges to fight global warming under the nonbinding Copenhagen Accord, given that a post-Kyoto Protocol treaty still appears years away. In an interview in Tokyo, Bo Lidegaard, permanent undersecretary of ...

Sky Tree catches environs off guard

National Jan 12, 2011

Sky Tree catches environs off guard

For Henry Killackey, a well-traveled tourist from Los Angeles, Tokyo Sky Tree was the first place he wanted to visit upon arriving in Tokyo for the New Year's holidays. The communications tower, now going up in Sumida Ward, one of Tokyo's traditional "shitamachi" districts, is ...

National | ANALYSIS Dec 14, 2010

Japan cast as villain at U.N. climate talks

CANCUN, Mexico Related stories: Pages 6, 9 — Japan found itself in unfamiliar territory at the just-concluded U.N. climate change conference in Mexico, having been cast as a major villain that blocked progress as delegates sought to strike a deal on new steps to ...

National | DECISION 2010 Jun 30, 2010

Diet almost freed up Net campaigning

Political parties and candidates hoping to use the Internet to appeal to today's tech-savvy voters were disappointed when the Diet failed to make it legal in time for the July 11 Upper House election. But with both the ruling and opposition parties eager to embrace ...

Hepatitis champion in 'bear hunt' for Kyuma

National | ELECTION 2009 Aug 13, 2009

Hepatitis champion in 'bear hunt' for Kyuma

ISAHAYA, Nagasaki Pref. (Kyodo) Like many of his friends in rural Nagasaki Prefecture, Shigeyuki Nakao has always voted for Fumio Kyuma, the Liberal Democratic Party lawmaker who has served as the nation's defense chief several times. But now, Nakao, 67, a pensioner in the town ...

Business Jul 29, 2009

DPJ platform sidesteps financing question

The Democratic Party of Japan's policy platform, which pledges large spending projects and an end to expressway tolls, has raised questions about exactly how such projects would be financed. The proposed establishment of a politician-led governing structure and measures aimed at boosting the role of ...

Scandal-plagued SDF faces tests in new year

National Dec 31, 2008

Scandal-plagued SDF faces tests in new year

The close of 2008 finds the Defense Ministry and Self-Defense Forces bogged down with scandals and misdeeds involving personnel. But as they enter 2009 — and the new U.S. administration led by Barack Obama enters the scene — they face uncertainties over how the new ...

G8 interest and apathy swirl around the 'Tower of Bubble'

National May 17, 2007

G8 interest and apathy swirl around the 'Tower of Bubble'

Tomihisa Akatsuka has lived his entire life on a plateau farm in southwestern Hokkaido raising cattle and growing potatoes. But the wrinkled, gregarious man has never stayed in the luxury hotel up the road and has only been inside once, when a previous owner invited ...

Preparing young Prince Hisahito for the throne

National Sep 14, 2006

Preparing young Prince Hisahito for the throne

As Japan celebrates the birth of the first heir to the Imperial throne in nearly 41 years, the question now is how best to prepare Prince Hisahito for being an emperor. The question arises from the special circumstances surrounding the prince. He was not born ...