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Sumo Sep 23, 2002

Maru overpowers Taka to take title

Yokozuna Musashimaru overpowered fellow-yokozuna Takanohana on the final day of the Aki Basho to win his 12th title with a 13-2 record. It was the 31-year-old Hawaiian-born yokozuna's third yusho this year; he also triumphed in March and May. Musashimaru rallied despite a first-day upset ...

Last hurrah for Takanohana?

Sumo Sep 8, 2002

Last hurrah for Takanohana?

Yokozuna Takanohana has definite plans to compete in the Aki Basho at Tokyo's Ryogoku Kokugikan. It will be his first appearance on the dohyo since May 2001; he has been absent for a record (for a yokozuna) seven consecutive tournaments. All eyes will be on ...

Sumo Jul 22, 2002

Chiyotaikai takes yusho as Asashoryu slips up

Ozeki Chiyotaikai clinched his second championship on the final day of the Nagoya Basho as sekiwake Asashoryu lost his third bout to Wakanosato, thereby forfeiting his chance to compete in a playoff with Chiyo. It was moot, anyway, as Chiyotaikai went on to easily ...

Sumo Jul 7, 2002

Musashimaru favored again

Yokozuna Musashimaru is a strong favorite to win his third consecutive title at Nagoya. The 31-year-old Musashimaru will take his 12th yusho if he wins in July, which will tie him with the great Futabayama, who dominated sumo during the late 1930s and early ...

Sumo May 27, 2002

Maru finishes with a whimper

Yokozuna Musashimaru clinched his 11th title in the Natsu Basho on the 14th day, only to lose to ozeki Kaio on the final day, to finish with a 13-2 record. Musashimaru had remained undefeated until the 13th day, when he lost to ozeki Chiyotaikai. If ...

Sumo May 12, 2002

Takanohana is still star of the no-show

Much of the focus in the runup to the Natsu Basho has been on a rikishi who will not even compete: yokozuna Takanohana. The 29-year-old yokozuna has not appeared in a tournament for a year, since the final day of the May 2001 Natsu ...

Sumo Mar 25, 2002

Musashimaru ends with loss

Yokozuna Musashimaru, looking somewhat relaxed after capturing the Haru Basho title the previous day, lost to ozeki Tochiazuma on the final day, to finish with a 13-2 record and his 10th title. It was very much a repeat of Musashimaru's performance last November, when he ...

Sumo Mar 10, 2002

Two Ozeki aiming to boost promotion hopes in Osaka

The Haru Basho gets under way in Osaka today, with ozeki Tochiazuma and Chiyotaikai aiming for yokozuna promotion, while sekiwake Kotomitsuki sets his sights on ozeki. If Tochiazuma, the winner of the January tournament in Tokyo, and Chiyotaikai both fare exceptionally well, it is conceivable ...

Sumo Jan 28, 2002

Tochiazuma downs Chiyotaikai in playoff to take New Year title

Tochiazuma won his first yusho on the final day of the Hatsu Basho after defeating fellow-ozeki Chiyotaikai in a playoff for the championship, coming from behind to take the title Sunday at Tokyo's Ryogoku Kokugikan. Tochiazuma thus became the first ozeki to win the title ...

Sumo Jan 13, 2002

Maru favored to win Hatsu Basho

The Hatsu Basho gets underway this Sunday with only one yokozuna competing -- Musashimaru. Yokozuna Takanohana will be absent for the fourth consecutive tournament. Taka has now tied the record for the number of consecutive tournaments absent for a yokozuna, set by Onokuni 12 years ...