Chikako Nakayama

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Commentary / Japan Jan 5, 2015

Survival of 'freedom, democracy'

From top to bottom, Japanese society seems to be growing more introverted and to be shedding its openness toward the outside world. Can the ideal of "freedom and democracy" survive this trend?

Commentary / Japan Dec 8, 2014

Economics of 'memento mori'

The primary role of taxes — the redistribution of money for social security and welfare purposes — has been neglected, hidden by the more pressing need to reduce debt.

Commentary / Japan Oct 30, 2014

To err on the side of caution

It is not fair to underestimate compensation for disaster damage in the name of general interest. This is an area where ordinary cost calculations should be discarded.

Commentary / Japan Oct 2, 2014

Ray of hope for democrats

For those Japanese who grumble about low voter turnouts in local and national elections, or who complain about the secretive character of political procedures, the open, democratic process of the recent Scottish referendum on independence was an object of envy.

Commentary / Japan Aug 11, 2014

Building global support for a new economic balance

The proposed BRICS-led development bank sounds promising for developing countries in Asia and Africa, as it may exercise indirect influence on the activities of those development banks that reflect the intentions of their national governments.

Commentary / World Jun 26, 2014

Deceptive labor shortages

Is Japan experiencing a real economic recovery or an attempt by the Abe administration to cheer people up with the appearance of lively labor markets?

Commentary / World May 29, 2014

World Cup without succor

International sports events such as the upcoming World Cup Championship in Brazil have become a severe burden on host countries. Haven't we had enough of this slapstick?

Commentary / Japan May 2, 2014

Rethinking Japan's whaling

Although many Japanese seem indifferent to the question of whether they can get whale meat, pro and con reactions in and out of Japan will affect those who still live by whale hunting on a local scale.