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Charles Lewis has lived in Japan since 1977 where he has been an editor, writer, teacher, carpenter, fisherman, importer, wholesaler and retailer. He is a founding member of e-publisher Shonan Press. He contributes to Eye-Ai magazine and has written for The Japan Times since 2010.

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Kamakura: What word for you sums up 2011?

| Dec 27, 2011

Kamakura: What word for you sums up 2011?

Mattia CimolaiStudent, 23 (Italian)Change. I'm from Italy and this year a lot of things have changed there, like the government and so on. Tomoko TakeshitaMasseuse, 33 (Japanese)Change. After the disasters we were forced to reevaluate things that we used to take for granted. Marco FeilerMathematician, 34 ...