Chang-Tai Hsieh

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Taiwan’s fatal attractions

Commentary / World Apr 6, 2022

Taiwan’s fatal attractions

By eagerly embracing foreign politicians who “stand with Taiwan,” even as they undermine democracy elsewhere, the island’s leaders are flirting with disaster.

Reader Mail Oct 18, 2009

Obama's prize decided early on

Regarding the Oct. 14 editorial, "Nobel invests hope in leadership": The Japan Times, like any other newspaper in the world, certainly has a right to express its editorial opinion for or against the selection of U.S. President Barack Obama as the recipient of this ...

Commentary Jun 14, 2009

A purge of Parliament is calling

LONDON — In British politics the familiar scenario is for the opposition to press for an early general election — there being no fixed-term provision in the very flexible British constitution — and for the government of the day to reject all such demands ...