Commentary / World Sep 9, 2014

Old school is new again at India's Nalanda

Many years of work by Amartya Sen and an international team of academics has culminated in the reopening, after eight centuries, of Nalanda University — funded mainly by the governments of India, Japan and China — to its first batch of graduate students in ...

Commentary / World Aug 4, 2014

History wars restarted to hook schoolchildren

South Asian well-wishers of Indian Prime Minister Nerendra Modi may not be amused to hear that books will be sent to the schoolchildren of Gujarat, describing an "undivided India" that encompasses the nation-states of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Commentary / World Jul 15, 2014

How World War I inspired independent India

It's been almost forgotten that more than 1 million subjects of undivided colonial India fought in World War I for the Allies — about 75,000 lost their lives — following a massive recruitment drive by their British masters. The new age of nationalism ...

Commentary / World Jun 30, 2014

'Black money' fairy tale drives Indian adults

Millions of adult Indians enthusiastically propagate a fairy tale that says once a strong government brings billions of dollars of "black money" home, India will cease being poor and take its rightful place among the superpowers of the world.

Commentary / World Apr 7, 2014

Language of Indian politics

Even those Indians who are assumed will automatically vote their caste in the current election have choices and will make a number of fairly sophisticated mental trade-offs.