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The battle for the Arctic's resources heats up

Commentary / World Jan 13, 2015

The battle for the Arctic's resources heats up

At least three countries have staked overlapping territorial claims to the North Pole. How to assess the competing claims seems to hinge on whether a vast ridge that rises from the sea floor is an extension of the Greenland shelf or the East Siberia ...

Commentary / World Apr 4, 2012

The Afghan endgame mirage

On a recent visit to Afghanistan and Pakistan, I could not fail to notice the increasingly frequent international calls for an "endgame" in Afghanistan. But an endgame for that country is a dangerous illusion: The game will not end, and neither will history. The ...

Commentary / World Aug 11, 2011

Tymoshenko's trial and Ukraine's shaky future

There is little doubt that the embarrassing spectacle of the trial of former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko — and her recent arrest on contempt charges during the proceedings — is causing great damage to her country. And there is little doubt that how ...

Commentary / World Jan 9, 2010

Europe's latest revolution

STOCKHOLM — History often moves with small steps, but such steps sometimes turn out to have big implications. On Dec. 31, Sweden made history in a small way by ending the last rotating foreign and security policy presidency of the European Union. After years of ...

Commentary / World Jul 28, 2009

EU set to build ties with eastern neighbors

STOCKHOLM — Pushing the "reset" button on diplomatic relations is a popular endeavor nowadays. President Barack Obama recently journeyed to Moscow in order to "reset" strained U.S.-Russian ties. The European Union, though not in need of a "reset" because of strained ties with its ...