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Getting high and then horizontal in Langkawi

Travel Jun 29, 2008

Getting high and then horizontal in Langkawi

Ask any question you want in Langkawi and you will get a friendly response. But you may not get an answer. Take the following exchange I had with a musician who was leaving the Beach Garden restaurant as I was strolling in there in ...

Issues | THE ZEIT GIST Oct 4, 2005

Hidden wisdom of 'the guv,' Shintaro Ishihara

Adored by large sections of the Japanese public, reviled in equal measure by the foreign community and courted tirelessly by the domestic media: There are few more divisive figures in Japan today than Tokyo Gov. Shintaro Ishihara. The septuagenerian populist can rarely open his mouth ...

Hot and bothered -- but just about Jeb

Features | WEEK 3 Dec 19, 2004

Hot and bothered -- but just about Jeb

There is a scene in the screwball British movie "Carry On . . . Follow that Camel" in which Jim Dale and Pete Butterworth are buried up to their necks in the desert after they upset the local sheikh. As they are slowly being ...

Issues | THE ZEIT GIST Dec 30, 2003

Truth gets trampled by good stories

And why did the cops take 1,772 calls before deciding that someone was pulling their chain? We don't know. And we don't know why, or even if, the following people did these strange things, but heaven forbid we'd let the truth stand in the ...

More Sports Oct 8, 2003

Eight players to take center stage

Jonny Wilkinson The England fly-half is often described as the best-pound-for pound player in the world -- and who in their right mind could argue? He kicks better than Neil Jenkins, he tackles harder than Butch James and he reads the game as well as ...

Japan's cup, it runneth over

Our Lives | NOTES FROM THE SMOKE May 27, 2003

Japan's cup, it runneth over

This week, Notes From the Smoke features a saucy deviation from the usual format. Instead of being shown around a Tokyo suburb by a stranger, I welcomed two old friends to my place in Takadanobaba for an instant-noodle orgy. While this may strike some as a ...

Community Apr 1, 2003

Brave Tama-chan takes fame in his stride

If ever an amphibious mammal was catapulted to the forefront of a nation's consciousness, Tama-chan, the bearded seal who has taken up residence in Yokohama's Katabira River, is that animal. Following the cosmopolitan rumpus that greeted plans to grant Tama-chan local residency status (he was ...