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Environment Aug 30, 2013

Smokestack emissions could produce energy

If pollution had a mascot, it would be the smokestack. Do a Google image search for "pollution." What do you see? A bunch of smokestacks with ominous gray clouds billowing out the top. It is a reasonable association to make. Smokestack emissions contain nasty chemicals, ...

Music May 30, 2013

Is the stream less green than CDs, albums?

Technology changes everything, but it seems to change music the most. Four or five generations of recorded music technology have passed in my lifetime. As a child, I listened to Marlo Thomas's "Free to Be You and Me" on vinyl. During middle school, I ...

Commentary / World Jan 16, 2012

Looking for a doomsday scenario to believe in?

You've probably heard about the Mayan carvings that predict the year 2012 will be our last. Supposedly, the war and creation god Bolon Yokte will return, bringing with him certain doom. Scholars have been trying to tamp down those claims, saying that's an erroneous ...