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National Jun 5, 2001

New Zealand offering Japan 'soft trade' alternative: envoy

New Zealand is better-placed than other English-speaking nations to help Japan's goal of internationalizing its citizens, according to Ambassador Phillip Gibson. New Zealand Ambassador Phillip Gibson "We've got good educational standards, good educational institutions and frankly, we're much, much more competitive than other countries" in this ...

Commentary / World Jun 1, 2001

New Zealand tailors defense to real needs

Some Kiwis can fly -- very fast. But the New Zealand government wants to clip their wings. Fourteen months ago, the Royal New Zealand Air Force was on the verge of snaring a fleet of F-16 fighter jets to replace its aging A-4 Skyhawk attack ...

Film / Reviews Apr 25, 2001

All the trimmings

To convince consumers they should update their precious video collections to DVD, movie companies often add enticing extras that can't be found elsewhere. It's a marketing gimmick, but film buffs win, too. Here are five movies that look better on DVD: Le Grand Bleu ...

Travel Apr 24, 2001

Lonesome locomotives left in Lebanon

BEIRUT, Lebanon -- There aren't many obstacles in the way of exploring Lebanon's crumbling train stations. But at St. Michel, once the hub of the nation's now-defunct rail network, a man eyeing my camera says I need permission to look around. Already obsolete when Lebanon's ...

National Apr 13, 2001

Whaling should not overshadow trade talks: Clark

While Wellington and Tokyo must agree to disagree over Japan's whaling program, the issue should not impede trade ties, visiting New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark said Thursday. "It's a difference of opinion," she said in an interview in Tokyo with The Japan Times and ...

Commentary / World Apr 13, 2001

Spat over whaling unlikely to sour business

Helen Clark is not afraid to snap at the hand that helps feed her nation. A year after an exchange of terse statements with Tokyo over its whaling program, the New Zealand prime minister is visiting Japan with a high-level trade delegation to strengthen business ...

National Nov 21, 2000

Village whittled down to just four elderly souls

ITAIBARA, Tottori Pref. -- The death of this village's sister looms large in the collective memory of its residents. Local officials believe they can attract sightseers to the village of Itaibara, Tottori Prefecture, if the exteriors of its early-Showa Era buildings are restored. But despite ...

National Nov 21, 2000

Yokota counts itself as abacus capital

YOKOTA, Shimane Pref. -- The curator of this town's abacus museum must have a sense of black humor to have included one of the first Sharp calculators in the display. After all, Yokota's economy was built on the "soroban" -- or Japanese abacus -- and ...

National Nov 21, 2000

Prosperity helps town tolerate atomic plant

KASHIMA, Shimane Pref. -- For 50 years, she has lived on a dead-end street at the foot of a hill. Since 1974, the Shimane nuclear power plant has sat on the other side of the hill. "At first, of course, we were very afraid," the 68-year-old ...

Community Aug 2, 2000

An unlikely affinity with a Japanese ghost

"Before I continue to pour out my soul, let me confide in you that Lebanon is one of those countries that produces nothing but its own periodic tragedies." --"Dear Mr Kawabata," by Rashid al-Daif BEIRUT -- Yasunari Kawabata's mark on the literary world did ...