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National Mar 19, 2015

China in shock after Japanese girl wins brain battle

China's loss to Japan on a popular game show devoted to mental athletics has left the country's netizens atwitter and provoked some national soul-searching. The battleground was the popular television show "Super Brain," and the eventual winner a 9-year-old Japanese girl. The series is a sort ...

Despite dangerous smog, most Beijingers go mask free

Asia Pacific Feb 22, 2015

Despite dangerous smog, most Beijingers go mask free

In early January, a toxic cloud of smog settled over Beijing. For nearly a week, it wreathed the city in a choking, yellow haze. Levels of PM2.5 — microscopic particles that can be absorbed into the lungs and bloodstream endangering human health — peaked at ...

National / Politics Jan 27, 2015

As Japan frets over hostages, China frets over Abe

The Islamic State's announcement last week of the kidnapping of two Japanese men has raised serious questions about how the crisis will affect Japan's Middle East policy. But for China, the unfolding drama has raised concerns about its neighbor's policies closer to home. News over the ...