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Ashley Thompson writes Surviving in Japan, a blog supporting expats living in Japan. She has been writing The Japan Times’ Lifelines column since 2011.

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| Apr 12, 2011

Quake aid, local services

For relief organizations, groups or individuals needing translators, Taichi W. sent information about the Japan Guide Consortium Volunteer Interpreters, a group of translators initially formed at the request of the government. Four are working in Sendai with the Indian National Disaster Response Force; other ...

| Apr 5, 2011

Quake aid, pet predictions

Reader D.C. recommends the Japan Chernobyl Foundation as a charity for victims of the earthquake and nuclear disaster. He writes: "For 20 years, JCF has specialized in providing medical aid to radiation disaster victims, with a special emphasis on helping children. It is a reputable ...

| Mar 29, 2011

Hosting, contacting survivors

Reader DB says: "I've created a Facebook group to provide Japanese victims with accommodation. Right now there are about 20 offers from different countries around the world. We need help contacting Japanese locals and/or organizations so people can actually get help." I briefly covered this ...

| Mar 22, 2011

The relief effort: how you can help

A few readers have questions about donating supplies. WA writes: "I have seen the tragic earthquake and tsunami incident that happened in Japan. I would love to donate food and clothes and help out as much as I can. Please tell me where I can ...

| Mar 15, 2011

All is not lost when 'carded'

Reader SW writes: "I lost my alien registration card last week. According to the law, I must have the card on my person just to put one foot outside the door. Dilemma: How could I go and look for my card — without the card? "Phoned ...