Angela Jeffs

After 26 years in Japan, Angela is currently test driving the Scottish winter. Describing herself as a “people person,” she wrote weekly profiles and features for The Japan Times between 1987 and 2011. For writings since 3/11/2011, see Her first book, “Chasing Shooting Stars – A South American Paper Trail into the Past,” was published in paperback in January 2013.

For Angela Jeffs's latest contributions to The Japan Times, see below:

Nepalese 'VIP' advocates investing in disability

Jun 6, 2009

Nepalese 'VIP' advocates investing in disability

Nepalese Kamal Lamichhane chuckles when he describes himself as a VIP. "As I told the audience at Manchester Metropolitan University last month, I really am a VIP — a visually impaired person. Unlike those people who become very important because of what they achieve ...

| May 19, 2009

Going clubbing in the capital

New to Tokyo, T.B. is trying to make friends and wants to know if there are any clubs that he can join to meet new people and get involved with the international community. There are, but it very much depends on what kind of place ...

| Apr 21, 2009

Travel by train on a budget

Rail on the cheap In Japan for only a limited time, J.K. is desperate to travel and see as much as possible. But there's a problem. "Cash is pretty limited. Are there any money-saving ways of traveling by train in Japan?" The deal most familiar to ...

| Apr 14, 2009

Seeking permanence; ignoring Easter

Easter absence Brenda and family wonder why Easter has been ignored by Japanese commercial interests. "All those chocolate eggs and cards with bunnies! I would have thought Japan would have lapped up the possibilities for making money, as it has with Christmas and Valentine's Day." Yes, ...

| Mar 24, 2009

Tatami care, and dust to dust

Spring cleaning Kate wonders if it is OK to wash tatami mats. "I'm spring-cleaning," she writes. Begin by vacuuming to clear the floor of any dry material. Then, using a cloth, wipe the mats, following the run of the weave. If you go against the ...

| Mar 10, 2009

Antiwar groups, Almond and Michi Aoyama

Nuts! Where's Almond? Julie was with friends on a bus passing through Roppongi and saw from the window that the famed Almond coffee shop on the crossing was no more. "How is this possible?" she asks. "My friends say it has been there forever." Not forever; since ...

| Mar 3, 2009

Working holidays and Amerasian roots

Mareen, an 18-year-old German citizen, spent three weeks in Japan, loved it, and now wants to come back. "I thought about working as an au pair. But I can't find an agency that cooperates with Japanese families. I'd like to visit in July or August, ...

| Feb 17, 2009

Dealing with a death abroad

Reader S.B. seeks advice on how to deal with arrangements following the death of a foreign relative in Japan. This process can be very complicated for family and friends, especially if they are non-Japanese. You will need two documents: The first is the death certificate, ...

| Feb 10, 2009

'Neko-cide' prevention; document dealings

'Contemplating neko-cide' writes, "There is a cat next door that in meowing all night causes me to lose sleep, which then hurts my performance at work." The cat is not in CN's building, but the one next-door, with a balcony alongside his bedroom window. "You ...

| Jan 20, 2009

Lifelines back to the 1900s

With 2009 so far looking bleak, here are some queries from around the world that take us into the past with the hope of finding positive solutions for the present. T o start, two letters concerning war memorabilia. The first is from R.B. in Minnesota, ...