Angela Jeffs

After 26 years in Japan, Angela is currently test driving the Scottish winter. Describing herself as a “people person,” she wrote weekly profiles and features for The Japan Times between 1987 and 2011. For writings since 3/11/2011, see Her first book, “Chasing Shooting Stars – A South American Paper Trail into the Past,” was published in paperback in January 2013.

For Angela Jeffs's latest contributions to The Japan Times, see below:

An artist's love affair with ceramics

May 1, 2010

An artist's love affair with ceramics

Ceramic artist Swanica Ligtenberg returned from her native Holland in early January with a new sense of purpose. She no longer felt an outsider in a family of goldsmiths and silversmiths, because in speaking with her uncle — still creatively active at age 91 ...

| Mar 30, 2010

Quick questions, answers

Some quickies: In reply to the reader looking for a bread bin, ML says that the Tokyu store in the JR Shibuya Station complex on the 7th floor can meet your needs. "You have to order from a catalog, and they come from Germany, but ...

| Mar 9, 2010

More about going wireless on the move

In reply to a computer user seeking advice on "Going wireless on the move" (Lifelines, Jan. 5), M.H. wonders why Bic Camera ( ) and Emobile ( ) were mentioned, but not UQ WiMAX ( ). "When I visited Bic's Shibuya store, ...

| Mar 2, 2010

Seeking traditional textiles in Tokyo

Terri has a friend visiting Japan in spring. "She is a fashion designer, and very interested in ethnic textiles. I seem to remember a museum opening in Tokyo sometime last year — something to do with Asian textiles — but can't remember any details. Any ...

| Jan 5, 2010

Going wireless on the move

Reader A.V. wants to get Internet service for his apartment but does not want to do it through a fixed-line service. "Is it possible to get online with a wireless system that you can take with you and also work at home?" he asks. Yes, there ...

| Dec 1, 2009

Scuba, shipping and 'Tachi' base memories

Scuba source In reply to the inquiry about scuba diving (Lifelines, Oct. 6), Matt writes on behalf of Mar Scuba, the oldest foreigner-run dive operation in Tokyo ( ). "Mar Scuba serves the foreign community by providing education and instruction in English, PADI scuba ...

| Nov 24, 2009

The tale of K.M. and the missing koseki

An American by birth, K.M. found the inquiry in our Oct. 20 column about koseki tohon, or family registration, very interesting. "My case is not relevant to the one under discussion, as the young man is only 18 and is dealing with issues that arose ...

| Oct 20, 2009

Seeking some advice, a lost father, friend

Where is my father? Yovichi (Yoichi?) Perez is "Japinoy," meaning of Filipino-Japanese ancestry. He saw a letter from a Japinoy like himself, also looking for his father, so he thought he would try his luck with us. Y was abandoned by his Japanese father 16 ...