Angela Jeffs

After 26 years in Japan, Angela is currently test driving the Scottish winter. Describing herself as a “people person,” she wrote weekly profiles and features for The Japan Times between 1987 and 2011. For writings since 3/11/2011, see Her first book, "Chasing Shooting Stars – A South American Paper Trail into the Past," was published in paperback in January 2013.

For Angela Jeffs's latest contributions to The Japan Times, see below:

How-tos | LIFELINES Apr 12, 2011

Quake aid, local services

For relief organizations, groups or individuals needing translators, Taichi W. sent information about the Japan Guide Consortium Volunteer Interpreters, a group of translators initially formed at the request of the government. Four are working in Sendai with the Indian National Disaster Response Force; other ...

Tomioka Silk Mill ranks as Meiji Era industrial gem

Community Mar 12, 2011

Tomioka Silk Mill ranks as Meiji Era industrial gem

In his youth, Shinji Takahashi was a featherweight boxer. Today, working with his two younger brothers in a family legal practice based in Takasaki, Gunma Prefecture, he is a heavyweight lawyer and committed activist. Takahashi is the head of a local and national campaign to ...

Community | LIFELINES Feb 8, 2011

Mental health advice, cash card blues

Empty nest syndrome K'ko is suffering from what she calls "empty nest blues" — that is, being without husband or children. "Do you know of a psychologist (American/Japanese, familiar with both cultures) and marriage counselor who works in the Shibuya/Hiroo/Roppongi area and not too expensive? ...

How-tos | LIFELINES Jan 25, 2011

Carnet crucial when doing Japan in a van

Diana and Peter were pleased to find the column "How to do Japan — in a VW camper van" (Lifelines, Nov. 16) on the Japan Times website. "It answered many of our questions as we are hoping to bring our Australian-registered Land Rover camper van ...

Community | LIFELINES Jan 11, 2011

Landlords have right of entry — the roaches don't

Back in summer, the owner of AB's rented apartment wanted to spray the property for cockroaches (gokiburi). AB was far from happy. "I don't want chemicals being sprayed in my home. I use natural products wherever possible and feel sick when using even regular dish-washing ...