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Sumo Sep 2, 2000

Yokozuna favored in autumn tournament

Special to The Japan Times The Aki Basho opens Sunday, with the yokozuna and ozeki heading the list of favorites, although yokozuna Takanohana is sidelined with the elbow injury he incurred midway in the Nagoya Basho. Musashimaru must be listed as the odds-on favorite this time, ...

Sumo Jul 24, 2000

Nagoya Basho ends in both triumph and disappointment

Akebono wrapped up the Nagoya Basho on both triumphant and disappointing notes, losing to fellow-yokozuna Musashimaru in the final bout but finishing his first yusho in more than three years with an excellent 13-2 record and reaching his long-awaited goal of 10 championships. But he ...

Sumo Jul 9, 2000

Men of Musashigawa set sights on Nagoya Basho

With Musashigawa Beya's heavy guns -- yokozuna Musashimaru and the ozeki trio of Musoyama, Miyabiyama and Dejima -- getting ready to roll out on the dohyo to do battle with yokozuna Takanohana and yokozuna Akebono, sumo action in the Nagoya Basho opens today at ...

Sumo May 22, 2000

Komusubi Kaio claims first Emperor's Cup

Seven years after entering the Makunouchi Division and 12 years after his sumo debut, Kaio finally captured his first yusho Sunday with an outstanding 14-1 record in the Natsu Basho at Tokyo's Ryogoku Kokugikan. The 27-year-old komusubi did it by defeating No. 4 maegashira Tamakasuga ...

Sumo May 7, 2000

Trio of favorites for Natsu Basho

The Natsu Basho is shaping up as a three-man struggle among yokozuna Takanohana, yokozuna Akebono and sekiwake Miyabiyama, with two other would-be favorites, yokozuna Musashimaru and new ozeki Musoyama, nursing injuries and unable to compete this time around. Each of the three joint favorites has ...

Sumo Mar 27, 2000

Lowly Takatoriki captures first Emperor's Cup

No. 14 maegashira Takatoriki stunned Miyabiyama and the entire sumo world Sunday when he upset heavily favored sekiwake Miyabiyama to clinch the championship of the Haru Basho in Osaka with a spectacular 13-2 record. It not only marked 'Riki's first yusho, but it was ...

Sumo Mar 12, 2000

Osaka to see yokozuna battle

For the first time ever, the four current yokozuna -- Takanohana, Akebono, Musashimaru and Wakanohana -- are expected to compete in the same basho when the Spring Grand Sumo Tournament (Haru Basho) gets under way in Osaka today. All but Wakanohana are in with a ...

Sumo Jan 25, 2000

Musoyama captures first sumo title at Hatsu Basho

Six and a half years after his auspicious debut in the top division in September 1993, Musoyama finally won his first yusho, defeating fellow-sekiwake Kaio on senshuraku (final day) to clinch the championship of the 2000 Hatsu Basho Sunday with an outstanding 13-2 record. Yokozuna ...