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Akky Akimoto writes for, an English/Spanish blog on the Japanese web scene. He is also an in-house blogger for Cybozu Labs, which helped him get over 120,000 tech-loving Twitter followers. He has worked as a localization engineer in the U.K., the U.S. and Vietnam as well as in Japan.

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| Jun 19, 2013

Web company IPOs in Japan pick up pace

What Web services are hot in Japan? One indicator that a company's business is growing and that it's expecting more growth is when it lists on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) with an IPO (Initial Public Offering). Today I'll introduce a few Japanese Web ...

Google Glass may shatter Japan's 'manner' mode

| May 15, 2013

Google Glass may shatter Japan's 'manner' mode

Google Glass is the latest mobile Internet gadget to grab headlines. Resembling a pair of glasses, the futuristic device enables wearers to access the Internet — in particular Google's search, maps and translation functions — as long as they have a Wifi or Bluetooth ...

| Jan 16, 2013

CV frauds revealed by diligent online fact checks

In recent years, there have been several cases where Japanese media icons, especially those who shine across national and language borders, have been accused of falsifying their personal histories, and they have consequently lost whatever popularity they had gained through the mass media and/or ...

| Nov 21, 2012

Merumaga: Paid e-mail newsletters make a come-back

Despite the fact that Japan has the world's largest market for digital-manga, which are primarily read on cellphones, and that Amazon has recently brought out its Kindle platform in Japan — after a delay of 5 years — the e-book business here has yet ...

| Sep 19, 2012

Yahoo! Japan's 'explosive speed' changes Web biz

This spring, Japanese Web titan Yahoo! Japan appointed a new CEO and new board members — the first big change to its board since the company was founded 16 years ago. The new executive quickly implemented changes that have led to faster decision-making and a ...