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/ Jan 22, 2013

Israel's 'doves' focusing on a two-state solution

It is perhaps useful to define the heart of the political battle in Israel's Tuesday election as one between "doves" and "hawks." I use these terms deliberately, because the two Israeli camps do not correspond to the standard left-right ideological distinctions. Indeed, the focus of ...

/ May 10, 2012

Put Palestine first to stop Iran-Israel posturing

Not long ago, a Dutch journalist interviewed me about the Iranian nuclear question. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has allegedly banned politicians from giving interviews on the subject, so the journalist had no choice but to seek other candidates, perhaps more "intellectual," but with ...

/ Oct 25, 2011

A thousand prisoners for one

The celebrations in Israel over the release of the kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit come after the Israeli government concluded that diplomatic rarity, an agreement with Hamas. It is as if the government had brought back an Israeli who had been sent to Mars. Of course, ...

/ May 14, 2008

The Jews' return to history

TEL AVIV — Ten years ago, on Israel's 50th anniversary, the peace process begun by the 1993 pathbreaking Oslo accord — reached by Israel and the Palestinian Authority — established the legitimacy of two peoples' existence in their shared homeland on the basis of ...