Emilio Parodi

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Reader Mail Dec 28, 2008

Opportunity to help children

Recently the focus of actress Aoi Miyazaki on the problem of trafficked children has been a wonderful way to get the attention of so many who can help. As a resident of San Francisco, I personally would like to volunteer my own efforts in ...

Reader Mail Dec 11, 2008

Don't call it a surprise attack

Regarding the Dec. 8 editorial "Remember Pearl Harbor": I agree with the details of the editorial, but allow me to warn that even the Japanese subterfuge of breaking off negotiations at the time should not obscure the fact that the public and U.S. military ...

Reader Mail Oct 5, 2008

Japan Inc. meeting challenges

I have to disagree with some of Gregory Clark's comments at the end of his Sept. 21 article, "The Japanese knack for choking in a slump," as they seem out of touch with the Japanese business community that I see. • "Unlike America's, Japan's collapse ...