Edward Niedermeyer

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Commentary / World Dec 24, 2014

How exploding air bags infected U.S. roads

The global auto industry had plenty to worry about in 2014 as it navigated shifting technological and economic tides, the usual brutal forces of competition and consolidation, and a host of other threats: volatile fuel prices, the technological arms race toward battery- and hydrogen-electric ...

Commentary / World Dec 19, 2014

Did the U.S. auto industry learn anything?

With General Motors' Chevrolet Volt and Chrysler's government-mandated 1.4-liter turbocharged engine failing in the marketplace, the two American automakers find themselves falling further behind in a technological arms race that has as much to do with innovation as it does with saving the environment.

Commentary / World Jul 1, 2014

GM is no transformer and that's the problem

General Motors' inability to look outside of itself for talent, relying on company lifers even in the face of undeniable evidence of deep cultural rot, is what you'd expect from a corporation for which sponsoring a movie about car-robots from outer space seems to ...