Chris Fawcett

Grew up in the countryside near Ottawa, good old Spencer-city, all the time wanting to live in the city (or the better part of my teenage years, anyway). In the early years it was al goats and hockey. They were replaced by basketball, team caps, and rap.
Went to Toronto for university but should have gone elsewhere. Really like Toronto but the city didn't much like me. Enjoyed taking lots of history and film courses but left much unfinsihed business and would like to go back and finish where I left off.
Alas, this is unlikely as I have been abroad living the ex-pat life over here in Japan for the better part of 6 years and counting. It seems it will be hard to leave, just like for that guy in the Eagles' song Hotel California (which I admit is a crap song if there ever was one).
Married now and would like to make the rounds of the world before settling down back home. Although I have been a city boy now for more than a decade the idea of heading back to the countryside is quite appealing.

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Commentary Jun 21, 2010

Indonesia moving to reduce forest loss, warming emissions

SINGAPORE — Recent developments in curbing high levels of forest loss around the world, particularly in the tropics, are promising. They are significant because deforestation, including the clearing of trees from peat swamps in Southeast Asia, is the biggest source of global warming emissions ...