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Tap Stand’s excellent beers and pizzas have been making waves. Pints here are all ¥1,000 and its 22 taps are evenly split between Japanese and import beers, with the latter often hiding some real finds.

Vector and Vector Beer Factory, which are almost neighbors, both serve exclusively Japanese craft beer at some of the lowest prices in Tokyo — only slightly offset by a ¥300 seating charge. The older of the two, Vector, has 10 taps.

Piman feels different from most of the health-conscious cafes popping up recently. There's a tried and tested, worn-in vibe here that's exceptionally comfortable. A stoic confidence is in the air -- staff dress in black and wear a polite but somewhat indifferent expression as ...

Even at lunchtime, Tsuji pulls out all the stops. There are six courses (plus coffee and sweet tidbits at the end), a slow-food feast that unfolds over a span of two hours or more.

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