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The 3,400 yen set dinner comprises six separate courses, including two hors d'oeuvres (one hot, one cold); fish (currently pan-fried isaki); meat (roast lamb); then two separate desserts plus coffee. This must be one of the best bargains in the city.

As a concept it is simple, admirable and hugely seductive. It also makes things much easier when it comes to ordering your meal. The essential precepts of the food are Italian and, although it's intended primarily as a foil for the wine, the cooking ...

As the name implies (aburu means "to grill"), the specialty of the house is the shichirin. As soon as you sit down, one of these miniature braziers will be set in front of you. And apart from the initial appetizers — cabbage leaves which ...

Aptly housed next door to the MoMA store in Omotesando's Gyre building, Eye of Gyre is a two-room gallery that focuses on Japanese contemporary art, including photography, installations, multimedia and design. Exhibitions are free and, more often than not, a little quirky.

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