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Futaba is one of the most renowned soba restaurants in Nagoya and even though it isn't open for the stroke of midnight, it's still open during the day on New Year's Eve. This holiday is also one of the restaurant's busiest times.

Having opened in Meiji 32 (1899), and serving its signature yakitori (grilled chicken), unagi (eel) and nabe (hot pot) for over 110 years, Miyakagi is one of Nagoya's longest-running restaurants.

Although it can get very busy, diners can choose to either sit at the bustling bar and see their food get expertly grilled, or opt for a more private table away from the main room. But even here, most tables are merely divided by ...

One of The Outback's most popular menu items for weekend and holiday dinners is the prime rib set. The prime rib is slowly roasted at low heat and served in a thick cut, allowing customers to enjoy authentic, juicy American-style roast beef. To satisfy even ...

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