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Review excerpt: With both of the daily lunch sets on offer you can eat as much you want, and customers do, loading up twee baskets with curry-flavored bread and more at Kyoto's Tentation d'Ange.

Review excerpt: Yuki Kamada’s pizzas at Da Yuki are what you would expect from someone who has gone the extra mile: thin bases and sauces that complement the toppings, with rich and creamy Marrandino buffalo mozzarella.

Review excerpt: Taihou feels like a family restaurant. It’s busy, informal and home to some of the best Sichuan cuisine in Kyoto, which explains the line of people, round the clock.

Review excerpt: As soon as you sit at Shimme, you’ll be served up a plate of hors d’oeuvre, which changes but is likely to be a small serving of fish, and while they serve much more than seafood, the fish tends to be excellent.

Review excerpt: The bulk of the pizza at Al Camino are divided between rossi, a tomato sauce-based pizza, and bianchi, which is cheese-based and uses no tomato sauce. There are also a few outliers such as the pizza covered in Nutella and a fruit-topped ...

Review excerpt: Opened last summer, Asano offers a reprieve from the crowds and conspicuous consumption. Besides the fridges full of sake from breweries all across Japan, there are two tasting menus: one for Kyoto sakes, and another from a brewery outside Kyoto.

Review excerpt: Iwasaki has retained a Michelin star every year since 2012, and last month Tabelog, the restaurant listing and reviews website, included it in its list of Japan’s best restaurants, but neither the accolades nor the anniversary were being celebrated. Modesty was to ...

Review excerpt: At Usaya, the eel, sourced from Mikawa in Aichi Prefecture, reigns supreme. For lunch there’s a selection of teishoku (set meals) ranging from ¥1,500 for the unagidon (a bowl of soy-glazed broiled eel on rice).

Review excerpt: Tan, a new restaurant opened by Yuko Kuwamura, the doyenne of Kyoto cooking, the experimentation extends from the kitchen to the dining room, where there’s only one table and patrons share plates.

Review excerpt: Besides coffee, Suzuya’s other specialty is curry. The beef curry, which is served in the kind of silver jug that wouldn’t be out of place at a banquet, as well as a big bowl of rice and salad on the side.

Review excerpt: In 2010, Gi changed tactics — slightly — opening Gi Han Ebisu Do on Sanjo shopping street, a short walk west of downtown Kyoto, as well as a sister restaurant in neighboring Osaka. The focus at both of these restaurants is casual ...

Review excerpt: Togenkyo is essentially an updated version of a kissaten. Known for their idiosyncratic interiors, kissaten are places where an owner can showcase their personal tastes. Just inside the door at Togenkyo is a fish pond in a beautiful big stone basin, and ...

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