Work-life balance at The Japan Times

Initiative to support work / child care balance

January 1st 2017

The Company will be implementing an initiative or a “general employer action plan” in accordance with the Japanese law, “Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children.”

What is this law?

This law obliges employers to make it possible for employees to balance work and child-raising so that the next generation can be born and raised in a healthy environment.

What is a general employer action plan?

A plan on behalf of the employer that helps enable the above law. Companies that have more than 101 full time employees are required to file their plan with the Labor Commission.

The Japan Times Plan

1. Period:

  • Jan 1st 2017 – Dec 31st 2019

2. To focus on:

  • – Introduce a trial system to allow work from home once a week.
  • – To promote male employees taking leave to raise children

3. Plan:

    January 2017
  • – Examine work that can be done remotely and choose eligible persons.
  • – Publicize details on leave that male employees can take (child rearing / nursing care leave) and options for shortened work hours.
  • April 2017
  • – Implement trial telework system
  • Jan 2018
  • – Feasibility studies based on results and assessment of practicality of implementation of systems.
  • – Organize get togethers for staff who are fathers to share information and ease concerns.