Nifco Inc., the parent company of The Japan Times Ltd., today concluded an agreement that transfers ownership of The Japan Times to News2uHD Group. Following this transfer (late June) The Japan Times will be a 100% owned subsidiary of News2uHD.

The Japan Times will continue its mission of reporting the news on Japan and the world to both its domestic and international audiences.

As Japan’s oldest English-language newspaper, with a history stretching back to 1897, The Japan Times has been committed to providing news and analysis of the current state of events in Japan and the world through its reporting on political, economic, cultural, social and sports-related news.

Established in 2001, News2uHD began as a provider of online corporate press releases based on its principle of “delivering trustworthy information” and is now engaged in the creation and support of a wide range of digital businesses.

This agreement will leverage the individual strengths of these two companies and foster mutually beneficial business growth.

The Japan Times will continue to be a newspaper and publications business as before but through the know-how and resources of News2uHD will be able to offer a larger online presence and position itself as a more useful news source for its readers and end-users. In addition to the aforementioned, there will be no change to the trade name or business address of The Japan Times.


The Japan Times Ltd., Corporate Affairs Management Division
E-mail: pr@japantimes.co.jp
TEL: 03-3453-5312

News2uHD Ltd., Administration Department
E-mail: pr@news2u-group.com
TEL: 03-3512-0330

Nifco Inc., Corporate Strategy Division
TEL: 03-5476-4850

The press release may be downloaded in PDF format