The Japan Times, Ltd. is pleased to announce that the Japan Times Archives, which includes every issue of the newspaper published between 1897 and 2013, is now available by annual subscription.

Previously, the Japan Times Archives was only available as a set of Blu-ray disks and online, both of which could be purchased for a one-off payment. Now, in response to requests from libraries and educational institutions, we offer the online version by annual subscription.

This expanded product line allows users to search and view all the valuable resources the Japan Times has been delivering to the world, including thousands of detailed articles about Japan and East Asia, since its inception.

Inaugural issue
Inaugural issue (March 22, 1897)
Outbreak of the Pacific War
Outbreak of the Pacific War (Dec. 8, 1941)
The International Military Tribunal for the Far East
The International Military Tribunal for the Far East (May. 4, 1946)

Details of “The Japan Times Archives”

Digital, searchable scans of all pages published in The Japan Times between 1897 and 2013 (nearly 491,200 pages)

Product line up:

Subscription: Online-based archive can be used on a yearly contract basis.

Purchase: Blu-ray and online -based archive can be used indefinitely.

System requirements for Web-based version:
1024×768 pixels or 1280×1024 pixels
Windows: Internet Explorer 8.x, 9.x, 10.x; Google Chrome 33.x; Mozilla Firefox 27.x
Macintosh: Safari 6.0.5

Authentication method:
IP registration or ID-password login

*Please note that this product is designed for institutions and not individuals.
For further details, contact The Japan Times Intellectual Property Management Division
(Tel: +81 3 3452 7050 E-mail: customers@japantimes.co.jp)


“The Japan Times Archives” search interface

Search screen
Search screen


Search result
Search result

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