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National | FUKUSHIMA FILE Jan 19, 2014

Fukushima kids' teeth to be checked for strontium-90

The Fukushima Prefecture Dental Association will spearhead efforts to determine whether children's teeth contain the radioactive isotope strontium-90 amid worries they were exposed to fallout from the triple core meltdown at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant in March 2011. The research, part of an ...

Want a one-way ticket to the red planet?

World Jan 19, 2014

Want a one-way ticket to the red planet?

by Josh Davis

Since its announcement in May 2012, the Mars One project hasn't had an easy ride. Critics have questioned all aspects, from the technical feasibility to its funding model. But recent developments from the project seem to be bringing the goal of starting a human ...

World Jan 19, 2014

'Living suicide bomb' returns to wage jihad

by Peter Beaumont

Ahmed al-Shayea was known as the "living suicide bomb" — the young Saudi driver of a fuel tanker bomb in Iraq who survived to renounce violence and warn his countrymen of the dangers of jihad. In the process he became Saudi Arabia's poster boy for ...

Editorials Jan 19, 2014

Trouble for U.S.-India relations

The speed with which last month's arrest an Indian diplomat on charges of perjury and visa fraud escalated to become a full-blown diplomatic crisis reveals the weakness of ties between the U.S. and India.

Commentary Jan 19, 2014

Criminal envoy or rogue state?

by Ramesh Thakur

If Indian diplomat Devyani Khobragade's alleged offenses in New York City were criminally outside the norm, Washington should have worked with India to file charges in the U.S. or in India. If Delhi proved noncooperative, Khobragade could have been expelled persona non grata.

Marketers succeed by generating <I>hitto</I> products

Language | BILINGUAL Jan 19, 2014

Marketers succeed by generating hitto products

by Mark Schreiber

Japanese consumers and marketers alike certainly love their ヒット商品 (hitto shōhin, hit products). To understand how this term came about, we need to look back to the decade following World War II. When living standards gradually began to improve from the early 1950s, Japanese ...

Community Jan 19, 2014

Team-teaching rules can lead to confusing situations

by Teru Clavel

At present, Japanese labor law restricts foreign native English-speaking teachers, referred to as ALTs (assistant language teachers) from team-teaching with Japanese classroom teachers. Students get the short end of the stick, as team teaching is considered a highly effective foreign-language teaching methodology. Legally, according to ...

Basketball Jan 19, 2014

Akita rolls to ninth straight victory

by Ed Odeven

The All-Star spotlight will shine on Akita next Sunday. On Sunday, the Akita Northern Happinets also made sure there were plenty of highlights to talk about in the buildup to the bj-league's eighth annual All-Star Game. Mission accomplished. There was sharpshooter Shigehiro Taguchi knocking down 6 of ...

Kisenosato’s promotion bid suffers devastating blow

Sumo / Basho Reports Jan 19, 2014

Kisenosato’s promotion bid suffers devastating blow

Kisenosato's slim hopes of promotion to yokozuna were all but shattered Sunday as komusubi Tochiozan sentenced the ozeki to his third defeat of the New Year Grand Sumo Tournament. Sole leader Hakuho, meanwhile, took another step toward his 28th career Emperor's Cup, seeing off fifth-ranked ...