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National / Crime & Legal Jan 10, 2014

Security put in spotlight after escape

The escape of an alleged rapist from a Kawasaki prosecutor's office interrogation room this week highlights the insufficient security steps at such branches as well as the apparent lax guarding of suspected criminals.

Sewer workers overcome by gas in manhole

National Jan 10, 2014

Sewer workers overcome by gas in manhole

Two sewer maintenance workers fell unconscious and two others suffered minor injuries Friday at a work site in Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture, in what police and firefighters suspect was a case of gas poisoning. Three of the four workers were briefly in a state of cardiac ...

Nintendo shares surge as China lifts console ban

Business / Corporate Jan 10, 2014

Nintendo shares surge as China lifts console ban

Nintendo Co., the maker of Wii U game consoles, is riding high in Tokyo trading after China lifted a 13-year ban on gaming machines this week. Nintendo shares rose 4.28 percent Friday to close at ¥16,080. China's ruling State Council temporarily suspended the ban and ...

Business / Economy Jan 10, 2014

Abe to deliver keynote speech at Davos forum

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will visit Switzerland from Jan. 21 to 23 to attend the World Economic Forum in Davos, where he will speak about Japan's economic and foreign policies, a senior official said Friday. Abe will make a keynote speech at the opening ceremony ...

National / Crime & Legal Jan 10, 2014

Crime rate in Japan falls for the 11th straight year

The number of murders and attempted murders recorded by police in 2013 declined 8.8 percent from the previous year to a postwar low of 939, the National Police Agency said. Overall penal code violations dropped 4.4 percent to 1.32 million cases, the 11th consecutive year ...

Commentary / Japan Jan 10, 2014

Looming economic problems

by George Soros

The major uncertainty facing the world today, says George Soros, is not the euro but the future direction of China. The growth model that drove China's rapid rise appears to have run out of steam.

Commentary / World Jan 10, 2014

Hidden consequences of Snowden's revelations

The most insidious consequence of the Edward Snowden affair and the NSA controversy may be the destruction of trust in closer collaboration between the private sector and government in protecting vital electronic systems.

Commentary / World Jan 10, 2014

Focusing on the business of Korean reconciliation

by Paola Subacchi

Despite its flaws, including an Orwellian feel, the Kaesong Industrial Complex, a joint venture of the North and South Korean government, helps to build an environment of collaboration. Pyongyang's recent announcement that it will open another 14 special economic zones is a positive development.

Commentary / World Jan 10, 2014

Give Snowden the Nobel Peace Prize

by Gregory Clark

Since the Nobel Peace Prize committee has shown a consistent bias in choosing people who feed self-righteous Western prejudices, it would have a chance to distinguish itself by going the other way if it gave the next peace award to Edward Snowden.

Editorials / World Jan 10, 2014

Another test for Erdogan

Today the biggest challenge to Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan appears to emanate from another Islamic leader, Fethullah Gulen, a cleric exiled to the United States who is alleged to have masterminded the investigation of a burgeoning corruption scandal.

Commentary / World Jan 10, 2014

Xi Jinping facing three key challenges in 2014

by Minxin Pei

Chinese President Xi Jinping has tightened the Communist Party's control over ideology, cracked down on official corruption, repressed dissent and championed a more nationalistic foreign policy. The world will soon find out whether this politically conservative course is intended to ease unusally bold ...

Sumo Jan 10, 2014

Harumafuji out of New Year Basho

Yokozuna Harumafuji has pulled out of the New Year Grand Sumo Tournament getting under way Sunday due to an injury to his left ankle, the Japan Sumo Association said Friday. According to his stablemaster Isegahama, Harumafuji has hurt ligaments in his ankle, but the yokozuna ...