• Kyodo


A father of two who has been diagnosed with sexual identity disorder filed a request Friday with the Gifu Family Court to change his registered sex.

This is the first attempt by a parent to change his or her registered gender in Japan, a group supporting the 43-year-old company employee said.

A law implemented in July stipulates that people without children are eligible to change their registered gender.

Atsuko Mizuno, a resident of Hashima, Gifu Prefecture, was diagnosed with sexual identity disorder in 2001. He changed his registered name to Atsuko — a woman’s name — after undergoing a sex-change operation abroad.

“My two children call me mother and want my registered sex changed,” Mizuno said.

Under the new law, individuals diagnosed by at least two doctors as having a different psychological makeup from their biological sex can apply to change their registered gender. They must also be aged 20 or older, be unmarried, have no children, and no longer have functioning reproductive organs due to a sex-change operation.