Takuya Kimura, an actor and singer in the hugely successful pop band SMAP, has won the unofficial title of ideal young father, beating out British soccer star David Beckham in a poll ahead of Father’s Day on June 20.

Sanford Japan Ltd., which imports and sells Parker-brand pens, said Saturday its recent poll to decide “the most wonderful papa” put Kimura on top with 406 votes of 1,312 valid responses. Beckham came in a distant second with 74, followed by actor Takashi Sorimachi with 64.

Kimura was overwhelmingly popular in all age brackets, from teens to people in their 60s and older, according to the company.

Known widely as Kimutaku, Kimura got married to singer Shizuka Kudo in 2000 and they have two children.

The annual poll is the seventh of its kind and called for responses in magazines and other media. The focus was young fathers instead of the ideal middle-aged father asked about until last year’s poll.

“We believe the results of the survey are a reflection of dreams young people have for their own future or in looking for their marriage partners,” a Sanford Japan official said.