Foreigners accounted for a record 1.5 percent of Japan’s total population as of the end of last year.

The Justice Ministry’s Immigration Bureau said in a report Friday that the number of registered foreigners grew 45 percent over the past 10 years, compared with a 2.1 percent growth in the general population.

A total 1.9 million foreign nationals were registered nationwide as of the end of last year, a record number for the 35th consecutive year, the report says.

By nationality, Koreans topped the list at 614,000, or 32.1 percent of the total, following by Chinese at 462,000, or 24.1 percent, and Brazilians at 275,000, or 14.3 percent. Filipinos were next at 185,000, or 9.7 percent, followed by Peruvians at 54,000, or 2.8 percent.

Tokyo had 342,000 registered foreigners, the largest number, accounting for 17.9 percent, followed by Osaka, Aichi, Kanagawa and Hyogo prefectures.