• Kyodo


A couple have been arrested on suspicion of beating their 3-month-old daughter to death last weekend, police officials said Tuesday.

Shin Yaegashi, 39, and his wife Satsuki, 22, admitted to hitting the head of their daughter, Anna, with their palms repeatedly Saturday evening. Police quoted them as saying they had been irritated because the girl would not stop crying.

The pair reportedly told investigators they put the baby to bed after she became quiet, but they found that her body was cold Sunday evening.

The baby was already dead when rescue workers alerted by the parents arrived at the house. She is believed to have died of internal cranial bleeding around noon Sunday, according to police.

The couple allegedly said they had occasionally been hitting the baby’s head since early March, shortly after her birth, when she would not stop crying.

There were no other visible signs of abuse on the baby’s body, police said.

The couple’s 1-year-old son has been taken into care by their relatives.

Yaegashi and his wife have denied abusing him, police said.