• Kyodo


The Seiyu Ltd. supermarket in Sapporo that closed its doors Monday after hundreds of people turned up to claim refunds in the wake of a meat-labeling scam reopened for business on Saturday.

The company sent an extra 50 employees to the outlet to prevent disorder. Normally, the outlet has three security guards but that number was increased to 35.

The outlet was swamped with people late last month as Seiyu was accepting claims for refunds without requiring receipts for falsely labeled meat products. Seiyu started offering refunds on Sept. 27.

After a number of scuffles between supermarket employees and customers, the outlet closed its doors on Monday.

The outlet refunded about 49 million yen to customers, about 3.5 times more than it had expected.

“I apologize for making trouble,” said Hidehiko Ikushima, head of the outlet. “We are determined to do our best to recover the trust of our customers.”