The Cabinet on Friday endorsed the appointment of Tatsuo Kainaka, the superintendent public prosecutor at the Tokyo High Public Prosecutor’s Office, as a Supreme Court justice.

Kainaka, 62, will assume his new post Monday, replacing Kazutomo Ijima, a former public prosecutor who will formally retire Sunday.

Kainaka, a native of Hyogo Prefecture, became a public prosecutor in 1966 after graduating from Chuo University. He later served as chief public prosecutor at the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor’s Office and as deputy prosecutor general at the Supreme Public Prosecutor’s Office.

He was appointed to his current post in January.

While serving as a deputy chief prosecutor at the Tokyo district office, Kainaka handled cases involving Aum Shinrikyo and cases tied to the AIDS outbreak caused by contaminated blood products.

As chief public prosecutor at the office, he was in charge of the bribery case involving former Construction Minister Eiichi Nakao.