Chinese 'cyberdissident' takes farmers' land fight online

Mar 15, 2015

Chinese 'cyberdissident' takes farmers' land fight online

He spent years in prison for running one of China’s few websites dedicated to reporting human rights abuses. But now authorities appreciate his coverage, Huang Qi said as his smartphone buzzed with fresh news of injustice. His website, 64 Tianwang, named in part after ...

Hong Kong lawmakers arrested over pro-democracy protests

Mar 2, 2015

Hong Kong lawmakers arrested over pro-democracy protests

Hong Kong prodemocracy lawmakers were arrested and then released Monday over their involvement in mass protests for free elections, the latest step in a widespread investigation that has been accused of seeking to intimidate activists. Police have vowed to investigate the “principal instigators” of ...

Feb 28, 2015

China gives ex-vice governor 17 years

A former Chinese vice governor known for his appetite for jade and arts was sentenced to 17 years in prison on corruption charges Saturday, a Chinese court said. Ni Fake, former vice governor of Anhui province, was found guilty of taking more than $2 ...

Feb 26, 2015

China's top court rails against Western model of judicial independence

China’s top court has urged officials from the ruling Communist Party to shun Western-style judicial independence, state media said on Thursday, as controls over the media, dissent and the Internet are tightened. The comments by China’s Supreme Court, Beijing’s latest attack on Western ideology, ...